Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Let the Blogging Begin!

I just decided to start a blog today... welcome to it. I don't know why I felt like I needed a blog. I have several sites through MyFamily.com where I'm still going to be posting most of my important information that anyone would care to know. So why have a blog? I guess that the best part about a personal blog is that it will be all about ME... and that's a wagon I'll ride to the end of the earth. The nice thing here is that I get to choose the topics, and I get to decide who's allowed to post comments. If you got an email that directed you here, that's because I chose you from my email list as someone who I like to have around... someone to comment... someone to love.

So bookmark this page if you think you'll ever want to come back. I'll try to update it with meaningless rants and vacation reports at least a couple of times a week. Most of what you read here will make no sense, and I dare you to find something important or worthwhile in it... but it should be something to do if you have a job like mine that requires occasional internet browsing.

If I know someone who wants to be included and they didn't get an email from me and aren't a member of this blog, please let me know and get me their email addresses. The only reason I did the "members only" thing is because I don't want everyone on the planet making fun of me and my life... only people I know. Please come again... Let the blogging begin!


Adrian Ropp said...

Kudos on the rabbit drawing! Keep 'em coming!

Joe Fowler said...

I like the rabbit with the flare guns.

Karalenn Hippen said...

Well this is awfully random of me to make this comment, but I was visiting your blog today (which I do quite often since you are the funniest person I know) and I thought to myself..."I wonder what his blog started like?" So I came to these posts. Never knew you had it private at first. Your reason for making it private is funny seeing as how it's not anymore and everyone on the planet IS checking out your blog. Well at least 243,520 people have so far. :) Glad to be one of them. Thanks for all the laughs.