Monday, January 23, 2006

81 Points!

81 POINTS?! That's the holiest cow I've ever heard of in my 20 years as an NBA fan. Kobe is amazing! I didn't even hear about it until this morning. I wish I had seen the game... this kind of thing doesn't happen often. 55 of his points came in the second half! At halftime he just decided to whoop, and whoop he did!

Kobe Bryant is the best basketball player ever... he is better than Michael Jordan and me combined. (Also, Michael Jordan is better than Michael Jordan and me combined). To me Kobe is the most athletic, the most talented, and the most entertaining player in NBA history. You may hate him because you think he raped a girl in Colorado. You may hate him because the Lakers kept him instead of Shaq when the two of them weren't getting along. You may hate him because you hate the Lakers, and it bothers you that he's better than anyone on your favorite team. And some of you just hate him because you hate basketball in general... and hate is consuming your soul and turning you to the Dark Side... and that's sad. But you're going to have a hard time proving that Kobe's not the best player ever. So don't be a player hater... (I'm the whitest person on the planet). Just love the Kobe. 81 points in one night didn't make him the best ever... it just reminded me that I needed to blog about how he is. 81? Holiest cow!

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