Thursday, September 15, 2011

Motivationally Couraged

The only thing a motivational poster has ever motivated me to do is "stop reading motivational posters." It is my hope that these two posters will inspire you to do the same. I doubt you'll learn much about "courage" from these things. The one thing I do expect you to learn is that there are scary things on the right side of yellow grass fields, so if you find yourself in such a place, then for goodness sake... run left!


Nathan Lindsay said...

Please sell prints of these.

Ben said...

Ahh man, I needed that! Haven't laughed that hard in awhile.

These are great.

Aaron Mann said...

these are awesome!

Katie McDee said...

Oh man, you crack me up! Can I borrow your brain for a day?

Thanks for saying hi on the old blog. t'was great to hear from you!

j.etienne said...

wow!thanks for your sweet and refreshing work! (your running lion is much funnier than the Lion King)

"TORI CAT" said...

Im in Love!!
Just found your blog and im so glad i did!!
I love LOVE your style!!
Your characters and stories are ace!!
Iv made a link to your blog on mine, under a list of inspiring artists!!
This way i'll certainly make sure to come back again soon!!
loving your stuff!!
Keep up the amazing stuff and keep feeding that wicked imagination of yours!! Its ACE!!
Allt he best to you dude!!
I'll be back soon!!
Bye for now,
TOri Cat.x

L. D. Torres said...

I see you've been favoring Grass lately. Rather than try to delve into some deeper psychological issue possibly stemming for some childhood trauma involving a field of nightmares... I'll just sit back and enjoy wing-handed chicken like I always do.

Thanks for giving me the strength and courage to make it through another day of running away from the unknown, Shane! YOU inspire me ;)

(btw, my captcha says "manli"... apparently the poor spelling computer gods approve of this message)

Cameron said...

"Abandon your pride." Delightful word play!

Nice work, Shane, as always.

Amanda Olivia said...

hey your work is really cool:)

Scott Anderson said...

I stumbled on this blog, oddly enough, looking for license plate frames. The drawing make me smile so wide. Thanks for posting!