Thursday, August 03, 2006

Snowman or Snowmonster?

As I mowed the lawn yesterday, I wasn't too surprised when my head burst into flames. When I was done, I went inside and drew this. I've had about enough of summer.

Nothing beats a snowman for winter fun... unless you count a GIANT snowman! Several years ago I was at my sister's house when a huge snow storm hit. Using the snow from the yard, the neighbors' yards, and the street, we built the biggest snowman I've ever seen. It didn't melt away completely until late May. Every year since then we've wanted to make a bigger one, but there's never enough snow. This is a blueprint for what we hope to accomplish as soon as the right amount of snow arrives... hopefully this winter. And now I know where not to park.

Please excuse the background. It looked better last night while my head was still on fire.


Lindsay said...

i love this snow man... i want one to live in during this hideous weather, honestly... what the hell IS this?!?!

Blogerts said...

Sounds like a plan, but I think we should move your car first. Your picture doesn't account for that.

Ken Chandler said...

Blogberts called it before me, but I've got to say something or my head will burst into flame.
I love that there's a car 3/4 buried under the snowman. The fact that it's about 200 feet tall never caught my notice... but that car! HA!

Joe said...

Holy crap! That is the creepiest funnist thing I have seen all week.

Anonymous said...

Kenzie- "This is a really good drawing. Once upon a time (this is a true story) we builded a snowman and it was growling with a big mouth. It was in Utah. And had a baby snowman inside it's mouth. The end."

We were reading Calvin and Hobbes comic books and were inspired.

Jed Henry said...

Great commentary, Shane. Things alwyas look better when your head's on fire. Unless you're some kind of comic anomaly, I bet your family gatherings are helarious!

And well-staged too, i might add!



Adam Ford said...

Great narative.

ohmyalikins said...

I absolutely LOVE him!! Can I help??? ;)

Joe Fowler said...

I am jealous of this OTHER "joe".

Tell me who he is... I'll give him a bouquet to remember!