Friday, March 24, 2006

Back from Disney World

It's been two weeks since I posted anything on my blog. Time's flown while I've been trying to catch up on everything I didn't do during my week in Florida. Time to return to blogging... the vacation is over.

Disney World was great! I can't remember being more depressed at the end of a trip than I was when we got home last week. It was 85 in Orlando that day... the kids were playing in the fountains, and I was looking for a shaded bench where I could rest my tired legs. Then a few hours later we got home... and it was snowing! Snow? Going from spring to winter in one day messes with your mind and makes you unable to post to your blog for one week more than anticipated... learned that the hard way.

The parks were crowded. Fast Passes were useful. I haven't had time to draw anything, so I decided to just post a picture I took of Big Al at The Country Bear Jamboree. That's one of my favorite things at Disney World... takes me back to my childhood. I highly recommend the Disney Cast Member discount, so before your next trip to Disney World, become a Disney artist. Just don't forget your Disney ID. It turns out they really frown upon that.


Ken Chandler said...

Love the picture! Nothing like bears that entertain kids rather than eat them; or is that just a ruse before getting around to eating them? Hypnosis by banjo and WHACK! Where's junior?
It's the guys head sticking up in the middle of the picture that makes it for me.
Glad you had a great holiday. Better than a cruise where you spend the whole trip hovering over a toilet. A couple of friends of mine shared that delightful experience. I'm stickin' to theme parks, thanks!

Krees said...

Hey! I went. I came home. It has been 2 weeks and I am still depressed.

Blogerts said...

Oh Disney World, how I still yearn for thee, though we've been apart just days they are years to my yearning. Well, the first day was like a couple of days... then the second day was like 2 years. I've got it all written down. I'll e-mail you.