Monday, June 05, 2006

The Sandwich of Monte Cristo

I love the Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland - that's the restaurant you sail by at the beginning of The Pirates of the Caribbean. The setting is great, but the only real reason I go is the Monte Cristo Sandwich. It's the best sandwich ever! "Mmmm" is for "Monte Cristo."

Since it's the best sandwich to ever exist on the planet, I was willing to pay $10.99 for one in 2000. Last December when I was there, I was still willing to pay $12.99. When The Pirates of the Caribbean re-opens later this month, so will the Blue Bayou. The Monte Cristo Sandwich will cost $18.99.

$18.99... for a sandwich? Years ago the sandwich came with an apple. When the price went up, the apple was replaced by a small side of pasta salad. The new, crazily-priced sandwich will come with soup or a salad and two side dishes. If one of my side dishes is "gold coins," I suppose the new price is somewhat reasonable. The sandwich alone is quite filling. Who wants to pay that much for a ton of food that's just going to end up on the floor of a Big Thunder Montain train car?

Obviously people will want to share such an enormous meal. That's why they've added a new "plate splitting" charge of $4.99 for people who had hoped to make the sandwich affordable in that way.

I would prefer that Disneyland hire someone to beat me up and take my wallet at the front gate, then charge reasonable prices for things in the park. Either way they end up with all my money, but instead of resenting the Happiest Place on Earth, I'd just dislike the guy who kicked my crotch and cracked my skull on the way in.

At least gas prices are reasonable, or how could I ever afford to go to Disneyland?


Blogerts said...

Damn them to hell.

Lindsay said...

Damn 'em and beat 'em. Well, well well.... look what III found.

And now you can have as many damn sides as you want for just a fraction of their monopoly cost (what is it with them? the airport too.)

Joe Fowler said...

...and then the admission price is just... hey, wait, you don't have to worry about that, do you?

Bloop Bloop Bleep Bleep said...

I have a book with the recipe in it too. I've made them before - they're tasty - but still, no atmosphere at home.

Beth said...

At least you will be able to get a Monte Cristo for $14.99 at Cafe Orleans. Expensive...yes. But not quite AS bad.

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Jedulous said...

I just got back from Disneyland, and all I remember is feeling like Aladdin: starving to death but not having enough money to eat. Maybe they're going for that effect, you know, as part of the whole experience? I suppose if I stole something, they wouldn't mind? I mean, they're the ones who somehow justified Aladdin doing the same. Maybe if a monkey helped me? I could blame it on him. Or if i gave a bite to two orphans. I'm just being difficult.

garth bruner said...

"but instead of resenting the Happiest Place on Earth, I'd just dislike the guy who kicked my crotch and cracked my skull on the way in."

Too darn funny.