Thursday, April 05, 2007

Batman & Bullwinkle

I've given up using food for inspiration... now I'm just combining TV shows I liked as a kid. It's still not creative, but at least it doesn't make sense.

I drew this for this week's Toon Club topic: Rocky and Bullwinkle. I hope next week's topic is "Batman and Robin," or I'll have to draw something completely new. I think I speak for me when I say, "Enough with all this drawing!" Check out my niece's drawing of Rocky on Toon Club Jr. It's the coolest!


Heather D. White said...

You have the most creative mind! I love the idea of combining favorite TV shows. LOL. So funny. The little "Batman Rocky" is so cute. I also love your niece's great that she has already developed a love of drawing...just like her Uncle Shane. Please tell her what an awesome job she did - SO MUCH BETTER than what I could do!

GhettoFab said...

hahaha thats awesoem!!! Love how robin is more predominant in this .Adds to the hilarity! Brilliant Again Shane!

Joe said...

Creepy and funny but mostly funny. How to I become a member of toonclub jr?

B Beach said...

I commented on this before, but somewhere it got lost I guess. I'm dumb.

Anyway, I really do love this one. The designs are simple but very appealing, it's such a great idea! I love your "Shane" style so much, but it's great to see you simplify it a bit to match the original designs. And even though it's not the typical "Shane" style, it still has the charm and wit you always put into your work.

I always think of you and Adrian as the modern day Frank and least in my universe. You both have such great classic styles with tons of appeal that you're truly experts at. But I dunno whos Frank and who's Ollie. Do you like trains or pianos?

Anyway, this is awesome - like all your stuff. Great job!

Jarrett said...

This is really appealing, Shane. Great work as always!