Friday, February 14, 2014

Zombie Santa

I drew this a few months ago in the midst of that empty, holiday-free abyss that resides between Halloween and Christmas.  I considered posting it on my blog at the time, but a key issue kept that from happening... namely, what holiday season does it belong to?  It's too "Christmas" for Halloween and too "Halloween" for Christmas.  In fact, there's really only one holiday that it accurately represents, and that's why I saved it for today... Valentine's Day.  This drawing just screams "love," and then it stabs you with it a little.  Here we see the love that Santa Claus has for the children of the world... a love so powerful that not even his own death can keep him from delivering warm brains to their homes on that very special night.  We also see the love and acceptance of a child who would never ridicule or laugh at a dead man who's standing in his living room, covered in fresh, human blood, despite the fact that such a thing is in direct opposition to prevailing social "norms."

The actual reason I didn't post this until today is that it's a terrible, awful thing.  As much as I've always enjoyed being the cause of a child's tears and nightmares, I'm not overly proud of what this lighthearted sketch eventually became.  I wish I had used that time to draw something cute or exciting, like a puppy falling out of an airplane, but such isn't the case, and we're left with "Zombie Santa." The only reason I'm even posting it now is so I can prove that I'm still around and that I still draw stuff occasionally.  And now that you know that, I'm going to hurry and draw something else so I can begin bumping this horrid thing down the page.

Happy Valentine's Day, everybody!


Jim Rice said...

Nice to have you back! Would have been a great Christmas post for GAB. You still have a couple days for the Valentine's Day theme.

This may be the scariest post from you yet...looks great.

S.T. Lewis said...

Thanks, Jim! I need to get back to posting on your blog AND mine! I may not get a Valentine's Day one on there in time, but thanks for the reminder. Hey, I'm still around!